September 2020 Operations Update

Hello VirtualUA Pilots,

From your Operations Department, here is our September update. 
As you can see here are our flight statistics for the month. KSFO is leading the way with KORD in a close second. With a few more days left in the month, let’s see who the top hub of the month is. 

Avg Per Day:16.26923077

In case you have not seen, we have two new Regional Hub Directors. For the Hubs: KSFO, KDEN, KIAH, and KLAX is William Beaumont and for KEWR, KORD, KIAD, and PGUM is Eddie Goff. They are there to ensure all pilots are taken care of and to make your experience at VirtualUA a fun one.  I know we have a bunch of new pilots who have joined and we want to welcome you to the VirtualUA family. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us so we can start you off on the right  path. 

Also, We have been reviewing and revising the Pilot Handbook and once released there are a few items to note. In the handbook, there are certain criteria for PIREPS to be accepted as a completed flight. In the past, and due to changes in technology and staff, we have been lenient with the PIREPS.  Once the Pilot Handbook has been released The Operations Department will be reviewing and providing feedback based on the information received. If you find you are having troubles in certain areas that are the minimum standard, please reach out to our training department who can help.

As always without you as the pilots we would not be the success we are today. Thank you and safe flights!

Chris Porras

Managing Director, Hub Operations

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