Recent Fireside Chat Update

We want to thank those community members who joined us during the recent fireside chat. Robby, CEO here at VirtualUA, moderated the conversation while our special guest Leonard from Icrewsystem’s provided the last development update. Leonard told the audience that we are on track with a 2nd Quarter release; although a set date hasn’t been discussed publicly, we are working with the VirtualUA, Inc. Board of Directors on a target date.

Currently, Icrewsystem is developing the frontend, and screenshots have been released on VirtualUA’s Discord Server. Icrewsystem is working on VUA’s Loyalty program known as “AVRP.” We hope to share more during the next fireside chat in May, said Leonard, CEO at icrewsystem. Leonard expressed that VUA’s system will have a new feel and told the audience he is open to more customization solely for VirtualUA. Every attempt will make VUA’s system slightly different, so the development process may be longer than expected. The community will be amazed at the end of the outcome. Once we complete the frontend, the next focus will be on the Pilot Dashboard, the Support Integrated System, and other customizations after that.

During the Fireside Chat, Robby provided details from March 2022 community survey that 88% of pilots were excited about our next move, and 91% wanted to keep the Aircraft Program with significant changes. The community satisfaction was about 96% happy with the organization and felt they would be here for the long run. Robby announced the new community contribution members coming on to help VUA beta test the system, congrats to all those selected. We hope you can join us in May for our 4th Fireside chat with the icrewsystem team. Don’t forget to complete April’s community survey! Here’s the link:

Blue Skies,
VirtualUA’s Communication Team