March 2022 Top Pilot

Dear VirtualUA Community, 

In another impressive month of March,  we have a few shootouts; here we go:

Our activity rate has increased; we are now holding 292 active pilots from 253 in February, which is lovely! This means we are GROWING despite the technical challenges. Our Total PIREPs for the month closed at 959, significant improvements for March; our numbers soar 150 more from February, YAY!

Congratulations to Chicago for stealing the Hub of the Month from Denver.   Will Denver take it back this month? Shall we see? 

Our Top Pilots looks like one of our newest pilots, very impressive : 

Kiran Birk with 56 flights; a way to go, Kiran!  Gabriel Miles with 55 flights, Awesome Gabester! Michael Denholm , with 42 Flight, YaY! 

We want to thank the entire community for being here; we know you have so many choices, and we appreciate you being here at VirtualUA! Blue Skies