New Brand Shop

VirtualUA, Inc. is pleased to announce our VUA Brand Shop, VirtualUA’s HQMKT (Marketing and Innovation) Team, has been working behind the scenes to make this happen. We have partnered up with Teespring, Inc. to make this happen. After evaluating community feedback, we decided to launch our Brand shop, allowing pilots to purchase VirtualUA brand merchandise. This also will enable pilots to support VirtualUA, which proceeds from the Brand Shop helps with our Technology mission, such as server costs and regularly updated routes. We will periodically update items, such as seasonal gear and much more. This is a wonderful way to support VirtualUA, Inc. We’re always looking for ways to enhance our member experience better and are excited about this fantastic addition to our community. You can check the New Brand Shop here:

We’re Hiring Staff Members

VirtualUA Community, 

As we move forward with 2021, we will begin hiring new staff members to continue moving VirtualUA Community.  We’re looking for intelligent and innovative members to come on board here at VirtualUA.   Our staff members play a vital role behind the scenes, and it’s “impossible” to run an incredible community without dedicated staff members.  If you are “serious” and can devote a few hours a week, we would love to have a chat with you.    Please visit our revised Volunteer Opportunity website to learn more about what job is open and VirtualUA Staff Benefits.   

Career Website:

VirtualUA, Inc. |

VirtualUA, Inc. is a U.S. based 501c3 Charitable Non-Profit Organization; we are not affiliated with or sponsored by United Air Lines, Inc or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

New Schedules Released

Hello Everyone,

We’re halfway through January and loving our 2021 momentum. Did you know we’re 1000 flights away from achieving 100,000 flights? Who will be the one that completes the 100,000 flight? Isn’t that amazing? As we start our 9th year of service, we already see incredible results. But this is because of you, OUR community. We wouldn’t be successful without our “active” community that calls VirtualUA, Inc., their home away from home.

Moving on to other great news, we refreshed our schedules today. We will continue to update them regularly with the real world United Flight Schedules. VirtualUA, Inc will be recruiting new volunteer staff members. We will be kicking off a new round of staff members across the board. Do you have some spare time in your busy schedule to help move VirtualUA forward? If so, we would like to have a chat with you.

We’re looking for “serious” members to come aboard to help out with the many tasks to keep us moving forward. It will be another busy year for us, and we hope to recruit the best. Look out for more information soon. Have a superior week, and we thank you for being a part of our community.

Robby Sayles
President/Chief Executive Officer/Founder

VirtualUA, Inc. |

AVRP and Much More

Hello VirtualUA Community,

Now that the holidays are behind us, we can now move forward with exciting developments here at VirtualUA. We want to inform you about a few new launches for the community. First, VirtualUA’s new Loyalty Program is here. You can now start tracking your AVRP (Altitude Virtual Reward Program) quarterly status via ATMOS. You can learn more about this great program here: Here are a few reminders; your status changes quarterly, your benefits get better as you fly more, manual PIREP’s do not receive Flight credit towards your AVRP Status, but you receive points. Once you level up, you will receive an email from the system and benefits such as Jumpseat passes. Our next AVRP project later this year will be releasing a Virtual Pilot Shop, where you can purchase virtual items with your points. 

Next, we are introducing our New PIREP Auto Acceptance System. The Automatic PIREP acceptance system will check the landing rate and route to ensure policy compliance. It will also check the flight log for in-flight refueling, diversion from planned arrival, slew mode usage, and simulation rate changes. If it detects any of those things out of compliance, the PIREP will be “held for review,” and a staff member will have to review the PIREP manually. If it does not detect any of these things, the PIREP will automatically be accepted. Please, Please, Please don’t forget your “route”; this will cause your PIREP to be rejected. Lately, we have allowed this to slide, but PIREP will be rejected according to the policy from now on.

As you know, our Program Free for the 2020 holiday season has expired; we hope you had the opportunity to get those hours in during that time. Occasionally during the year, we will have other Program Free options. Our Staff Team will be meeting this week to discuss Staff opportunities for those interested in joining our team; please watch out for the next Boarding Pass with more information. Later this month, we will be refreshing our Flight Schedules. We appreciate your patience during this process and thank you for being a part of VirtualUA. Happy Flying! 

Holiday Message from the CEO

Dear VirtualUA Community,

It has been a jam-packed year at VirtualUA, Inc.  We together accomplish so much, and we couldn’t be more proud of our community.   We bridged into a challenging year but managed to get through these unprecedented times.  We here at VirtualUA, Inc. would like to take this time to wish all of you a very joyous holiday and thank you for hanging in with us this year.  The VirtualUA team wants to express our most profound appreciation for your support.   We have exciting plans for 2021, with the upcoming Altitude Virtual Loyalty Program, ATMOS 1.1, and much more.  Have a wonderful new year. May 2021 be a happy and healthy year for you and your family.    


Robby Sayles
President and Chief Executive Officer
VirtualUA, Inc

Thank you Community

What a fantastic experience we had with the professional ATC coverage during the Home for the Holiday Event. Thank you to all our pilots, VATSIM, and all of the fabulous sponsors. We wish you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year. Best wishes from your friends at VirtualUA, Inc.

Missed the Fireside Chat?

Hello VirtualUA Community, 

My name is Shelton McCallop; I’m a VirtualUA, Inc. Executive Board member and Co-Founder; I want to thank you for spending some time with us this past Saturday while discussing our 2020 accomplishments, along with a few 2021 highlights from VirtualUA’s 2021 Flight Plan. As you all know, Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacted our lives and played a tremendous role in 2020, which cause some unpleasant experiences.

However, the community continued to support us by participating in many events and kept flying through the chaos. We couldn’t be more proud of each of you for your loyalty to our organization. 

During the fireside chat, Robby Sayles, CEO, mentioned as of November 13, we filed 4,262 Flight Reports and accepted 148 new pilots during 2020. What a great accomplishment! We started 2020 with the separation from AAV Group. Next, we legally became VirtualUA, Inc, dissolving Virtual United Social Club; we also rebranded VirualUA, Inc. Our most significant task was a transition over to ATMOS 1.0, VirtualUA’s NextGen Pilot Operations system. Did you know we introduced a new aircraft program that replaced our legacy Pilot Ranking system? 

Moving on, we also discussed VirtualUA’s Project 21, which is our Code name for the 2021 Roadmap. You can follow the “Flightplan” at Here’s what we’ll be focusing on :  

VATSIM Training Program

Attending FSExpo 2021 (pending the COVID outcome)

Enhancing ATMOS with some new features and updates

Working on an In-house ACARS

Continuing with our Community Engagement (Quarterly events, Fireside Chats, and Partner Talks on Discord)

Introducing Altitude Virtual Rewards Program ( Launching in 2021

As you can see, we’ve been busy this year and have a full plate in 2021. We can’t thank our members enough for being a part of VirtualUA, Inc. this past year. Did you know we will be nine years old in 2021, which means we will start our 10th Anniversary preparations? Exciting times are ahead of us, and we hope you will continue to be a part of it.  

Annual Holiday Event

VirtualUA, Inc. is thrilled to announce our annual Holiday event, Home for the Holidays. The event will take place on December 12 at 2200z. Our route will take us from Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (CYWG) to our final destination of Chicago O’hare International Airport (KORD).

We want to thank REX Simulations, Hifi Simulation Technologies, ORBX Simulations Systems, Flightbeam Studios, FS2CREW, Just Flight, Aerosoft, and Flight1 for their continued support of our community here at VirtualUA, Inc. We could not have achieved the level of success we are now without their help! We, as a community, look forward to supporting them throughout the coming years.

We also want to thank Skyblue Radio for helping us get the word out; we appreciate their continuously committed to our community.

REX Simulations, Hifi Simulation Technologies, ORBX Simulations Systems, Flightbeam Studios, FS2CREW, Just Flight, Aerosoft, and Flight1 have graciously sponsored the event by donating some awesome prizes for pilots to win. To participate, you must be a pilot on our roster and RSVP by clicking here:

In addition to the prizes, our friends at Vatsim will be providing everyone with ATC from gate to gate. This event is shaping up to be a great one. We look forward to sharing the friendly skies with everyone this December 12! It’s time to start celebrating and counting down to 2 0 2 1!

Update from Member Experience

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan Weber, Executive Vice President of Experience. I want to extend a warm welcome to our newest members. We are so eager to have you join one of the best communities out there. As we prepare for the upcoming traditional American Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude for each of you. VirtualUA, Inc. is thankful for our incredible community, and we wouldn’t be who we are without your support.  Just a quick reminder that we ask if you cannot file your monthly requirements, please reach out to Member & Staff Relations at [email protected]. You can always file a Leave of Absence (LOA) if you are unable to fly. Beginning in January, we will be reassessing our Volunteer Staff openings; if you are interested, we would like to chat with you. That’s all for now; please continue to be safe and follow CDC guidelines.

Ryan Weber
Executive Vice President of Experience | Board of Directors