HQHUB April Update

Hello Pilots,

I hope you are all doing well and are healthy. My name is Trevor DeLong, and I am the Managing director of Hub Operations here at VirtualUA. I oversee all of the day-to-day operations within Hub Operations (HQHUB). My job includes supporting our Regional Hub Operations directors with processing pilot reports and solving community relations and PIREP requirements, including rejected pilot reports in violation of our Pilot Handbook. A little background about me, I’m an inspired pilot like many of you; I currently hold the Private pilot license (PPL) and working on my instrument rating. I have been part of the VirtualUA family since 2018 as a pilot and a staff member since April of 2020. I enjoy communicating with each of you who are a part of our discord and running our monthly screenshot competition.

I want to introduce the Hub Operations Team members so you can become familiar with our staff members and get the most out of your VirtualUA experience. Our Regional Hub Operations Director East is Eddie Goff. Eddie is one of our most experienced members with over 7,500 flight hours and has been around since 2014. He oversees operations at our eastern hubs, including Chicago, Washington Dulles, Newark, and Houston. He’s online most hours of the day, either flying, processing pilot reports, staff meetings, etc. You can thank him for the quick approvals of pilot reports held by our system! With Eddie covering our eastern hubs, Steve Miller is handling our Western hubs! This includes Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Steve has more than 500 hours with us and has been a long-time member as well.

All of us here in the Hub Operations Department is committed to ensuring you have the best experience at VirtualUA. The Regional Hub Director for your hub should be your first contact if you have an issue with your flight reports or anything else. We welcome your comments and questions or if you want to chat.

I would also like to announce a few things are happening soon (May 2021) within our Hub Operations Department. First, I want to mention that we do a monthly screenshot competition on our discord server. The winner gets 10,000 AVRP points and a jump seat pass. The second thing that I want to announce is our new Top Pilot Program. Each month we will be rewarding our top 3 pilots by both flight hours and total flights, with 10,000 AVRP points and one jump seat pass. Thirdly, we will be reimplementing our Featured Destination each month. Monthly our Marketing Team will select a destination from the United route network, and pilots who make at least one flight to the destination chosen during the month will receive 5,000 AVRP points.

As we mentioned during the Fireside Chat, starting in May 2021, we will begin enforcing the Monthly flight requirement. Friendly reminder that each pilot must fly (1) PIREP monthly; if you are unable, please file an LOA with Member Relations (HQMRS). The 2nd Quarter AVRP status reset begins on April 1; we’re super excited about our 1st Quarter progress and want to thank all of our incredible pilots. On behalf of your HQHUB team, I want to thank you for being a part of our strong and growing community, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you haven’t, please join our Discord server through ATMOS. Again, please feel free to reach out to any of us here in the HQHUB-Hub Operations Department.

Trevor Delong
Managing Director of Hub Operations-HQHUB
[email protected]

September 2020 Operations Update

Hello VirtualUA Pilots,

From your Operations Department, here is our September update. 
As you can see here are our flight statistics for the month. KSFO is leading the way with KORD in a close second. With a few more days left in the month, let’s see who the top hub of the month is. 

Avg Per Day:16.26923077

In case you have not seen, we have two new Regional Hub Directors. For the Hubs: KSFO, KDEN, KIAH, and KLAX is William Beaumont and for KEWR, KORD, KIAD, and PGUM is Eddie Goff. They are there to ensure all pilots are taken care of and to make your experience at VirtualUA a fun one.  I know we have a bunch of new pilots who have joined and we want to welcome you to the VirtualUA family. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us so we can start you off on the right  path. 

Also, We have been reviewing and revising the Pilot Handbook and once released there are a few items to note. In the handbook, there are certain criteria for PIREPS to be accepted as a completed flight. In the past, and due to changes in technology and staff, we have been lenient with the PIREPS.  Once the Pilot Handbook has been released The Operations Department will be reviewing and providing feedback based on the information received. If you find you are having troubles in certain areas that are the minimum standard, please reach out to our training department who can help.

As always without you as the pilots we would not be the success we are today. Thank you and safe flights!

Chris Porras

Managing Director, Hub Operations

VirtualUA, Inc. | www.virtualua.org

VirtualUA, Inc. is not affiliated with or sponsored by United Air Lines, Inc or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

July Operations Review

The VirtualUA Operations Department has been hard at work to make the flying experience more enjoyable for each pilot. We just concluded our major summer event, Fun in the Sun where pilots started their flights at Princess Juliana Airport, St. Maarten (TNCM), flew a short hop to San Juan, Puerto Rico (TJSJ), and concluded their flights at Kingston, Jamaica (MJKP). We had a good showing with 10 pilots participating in the event, which allowed everyone to enjoy an element of comradery between VirtualUA Staff and Pilots. We in the Operations staff look forward to our upcoming events where we can work to provide a more realistic experience for everyone.

On the flight operations side, we have 10 new pilots joining us giving VirtualUA 178 total pilots.. We would like to extend a Welcome to VIrtualUA to everyone who joined during the month of July and wish everyone clear blue skies. 

For the month of July. We have flown over 413 flights for the month of July. Of course we have a new hub accelerating ahead of the pack. KORD is leading the way followed by KIAD hub then KSFO hub as the top 3. Below is a snapshot of the flights for the month of July: 


Looking toward the future, your Operations Department will be working behind the scenes to make each pilot’s experience more enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Executive VP Operations Derek George or Hub Operations Regional Director Chris Porras for any questions, concerns, or even suggestions on how we can make our virtual airline maintain the top tier status we have garnered. As always for up to date information, make sure you follow our discord.