Update from Member Experience

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan Weber, Executive Vice President of Experience. I want to extend a warm welcome to our newest members. We are so eager to have you join one of the best communities out there. As we prepare for the upcoming traditional American Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude for each of you. VirtualUA, Inc. is thankful for our incredible community, and we wouldn’t be who we are without your support.  Just a quick reminder that we ask if you cannot file your monthly requirements, please reach out to Member & Staff Relations at [email protected]. You can always file a Leave of Absence (LOA) if you are unable to fly. Beginning in January, we will be reassessing our Volunteer Staff openings; if you are interested, we would like to chat with you. That’s all for now; please continue to be safe and follow CDC guidelines.

Ryan Weber
Executive Vice President of Experience | Board of Directors 

Member Relations August 2020 Update

Hello Everyone,

As we complete our transition over to ATMOS, the Member and Staff Relations department will be releasing a new version of our member handbook in the upcoming weeks.

The changes you will see will consist of our new aircraft program, removing the pilot ranking structure, leave of absence (LOAs), etc. September 1, 2020, we will start enforcing the minimum flight requirements per month. Failure to meet the minimum flight requirement will result in removal from the active roster. To avoid being removed from the roster, members are required to be active for 60 days before eligible for a leave of absence (LOA). For certain situations that may arise, we will work with you to ensure you remain a member of VirtualUA. PIREP’s that have landing rates over -650fpm will result in rejection. If you need help with improving your landings, you can contact our training department.

For members who would like to contribute to our organization, we do offer several volunteer positions.

  •  Communications – Social Media Manager
  • Events Manager
  •  Hub Operations Regional Director
  •  Member Relations Manager
  • Technical Support Director
  •  Training Operations Manager

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please share our staff application link: https://bit.ly/vuastaffapp


Ethan Shields, Member and Staff Relations Manager

Jose Mendez, Member and Staff Relations Manager

[email protected]