VirtualUA May 2020 Community Briefing

Hello VirtualUA Community, 

This week marks the official start of summer for VirtualUA, Inc. and we wanted to give you an update on what has been happening behind the scenes. As you all know we have pre-selected a few members from the community to start Beta Testing our new website which will begin shortly. We will continue to provide updates on our development progress along the way. We hope that those of you whom joined us for our Birthday bash back in April had a blast. July 25 will be our Annual Fun N’ The Sun event. We will begin our preparations for this event in June and will be reaching out soon to the community for location feedback. We hope you can join us! If you haven’t joined our Discord yet, please CLICK HERE! Discord is a communication platform we use where you can chat with other members, post screenshots, and receive Technical support.

Are you interested in making a difference here at VirtualUA? If so, good news! We are now hiring staff members for our Member Relations Division,  Events, Communications, and Flight Operations.  If you are interested, please email us at [email protected].   As we continue to grow our community, we need volunteer staff members to run the day to day operation.  If you’re able to be dedicated and committed, please reach out!  We would love to have you join our team. 

We are planning on hosting another Virtual Fireside Chat with the staff team. The tentative date will be on June 26. We love to hear your feedback on our community. We will be providing a live update regarding VirtualUA as well. While we’ve come a long way we aren’t right where we want to be yet. We would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback you have. 

That’s all for this bi-monthly communication. We hope you have a safe Memorial Day! Stay safe and healthy!   

VirtualUA Management Team

Who is VirtualUA, Inc?

VirtualUA, Inc (VUA).  is a non-profit virtual aviation organization for simulation pilots, aimed at creating a positive learning environment where enthusiasts can build their knowledge and understanding of aviation.  During this process, it is VirtualUA, Inc.’s goal to create an environment where learning these topics and building the knowledge and understanding in a fun and enjoyable way, allowing the simulation pilots to learn while experiencing and enjoying simulation and aviation.  It is VirtualUA, Inc.’s hope that through this learning it will empower and enable our pilots to experience a new level of both real and virtual aviation.

The mission of VirtualUA, Inc. is to provide our membership an environment in which the individuals can learn through education, experience, and engagement with other individuals to advance their knowledge, understand and skillset for both real-world and simulated aviation. 

VirtualUA, Inc. will always be responsive to our members and ensure all their learning opportunities and experiences will be convenient, efficient and pleasing.

VirtualUA, Inc. goals are to provide a successful organization that continues to allow our membership to learn, grow, and advance their basic and complex knowledge regarding aviation and the associated concepts. VUA will always strive to be the breeding ground of tomorrow’s pilots. VUA will instill the same professional attitude and professional development goals upon its members as real-world airlines have upon their own employees and customers.

Announcing VirtualUA, Inc.

Dear Flight Sim Community and Partners,

First, I hope that you’re staying safe and healthy with the current crisis that has swept the globe. It’s an incredibly difficult time for all of us, and please know that we’re all in this together. If you need anything, please let us know. 

I wanted to take a moment and share some fascinating news with you regarding VirtualUA. We’re so excited to announce that with the New Year, we decided it was a good time to bring a facelift to our organization. With that being said, legally, you know us as Virtual United Social Club, Inc. however effective April 6th, 2020, Virtual United Social Club, Inc. has been dissolved, and VirtualUA, Inc. has been born. 

VirtualUA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) status through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We are an educational organization within the State of Texas consisting of 7 board members: Robby Sayles (President), Ian Jacobson, Austin Thieman, Shelton McCallop (Secretary), Matt Keane (Treasurer), Derek George and Ryan Weber. While our training programs are currently still being developed, we will partner with VATSIM to obtain our Authorized Training Organization (ATO) status as we’ve done in the past. We will have more information to share on this in the coming weeks.

With our new non-profit, we have also decided to change our branding to reflect our new name, culture, and values. Our goal was to develop something more modern while holding true to our roots in virtual aviation and the airline we simulate. In the coming days, you will see our new branding reflected on our website, social media channels, communications, and servers. This is an incredibly exciting time for all of us. As a staff team we have been anxiously waiting to share this information with you, and so glad that the time has finally come.

As we continue into 2020, it’s no doubt that there are challenges ahead. We will continue to do what we do best — supporting each other and making sure our hobby remains enjoyable. We are confident we will be able to deliver a world-class product to you – our community. With a new website about to enter Alpha testing, SmartCARS released and our new brand identity, 2020, is shaping out to be very exciting for our organization.

Please join us in celebrating a new identity as VirtualUA, Inc.

Kindest Regards, 

VirtualUA Management Team

Big Announcement Tomorrow

Keep your eyes open,


Tomorrow, we’re announcing something new, that we know you’ll love.

That’s all we can say for now.

Thank you for an amazing celebration!

Good Afternoon,

From all of the staff team here at VirtualUA we wanted to extend our greatest thank you for celebrating with us on Monday for our 8th Annual Birthday Bash. As you know the last 12 months has been turbulent for our organization however with the amount of people whom participated it gives us hope that the next 12 months will be better. It gave us the inspiration and hope that people are still interested and involved.

We’re currently investing in new technology for the organization. We’ve already made some enhancements to our current website and created the option for pilots to fly and track their flights using SmartCARS. There is a new website on the way that should go into Alpha in the next few weeks too! This is just the beginning of positive changes that you’ll see coming from us.

Without a doubt we’re so genuinely thankful for you and your membership to VirtualUA. If you were one of the pilots who did fly part of the Birthday Bash event, we’ve put together a short survey to gather some of your feedback. You can fill it out by clicking here. Also, if you were one of the pilots who participated and won a prize, we will be reaching out to you shortly.

Again, thank you for your dedication!

Austin Thieman VP, Member Experience

[email protected] email | website 

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We would like to express our gratitude to our amazing sponsors for our Birthday Bash event that happened on Monday evening. We had a great turnout with over 30 pilots who turned up and amazing screenshots that were captured. We are currently working on drawing the prizes for our pilots and will be in contact with pilots PRIVATELY.

We would like to thank:

HiFi Simulation Technologies


Flightbeam Studios




Just Flight


REX Simulations


Please visit their websites to support the flightsim community!

VirtualUA 8th Annual Birthday Bash Pre-Departure Info

Good Evening!

 We’ve been honored to serve you for nearly a decade after we began operating as a virtual airline in 2012. Tomorrow we will celebrate our 8th birthday. We hope you can join in on the celebration! To celebrate our sponsors graciously donated many prizes for those who are able to participate. If you haven’t RSVP’d, please head over to CCS. Please remember you need a CCS account to RSVP, read this post for more information about gaining access to CCS.Below is some information you might find helpful with regard to the event: 

  • For those social butterflies, please post your favorite screenshots using #VirtualUABirthday2020. Enter our contest for the best photo! Head over to CCS to upload your best shot.
  • A prize will be given to the pilot with the best landing rate as well! 
  • You must file a Flight Report either using SmartCARS or SkyLink to be eligible for a prize, anytime after 2100z-0300z. If you would like VATSIM ATC, it’s advised that you depart at 2100z. 
  • The Company preferred route will be EEONS7 WYNDM HCT DSM EVOTE NELLS KEEHO J584 SLT FQM3. Recommended gates in Denver are Terminal B Gates 11-37. When filing with VATSIM, please add VirtualUA Birthday Bash in your remarks.  
  • When Arriving into Newark, arrival gates are Terminal C2 Gates 101-115.  

 We will announce the winner’s by/before May 2, with instructions on how to retrieve your prize. Please note, you must RSVP through CCS, our event management system to be eligible for a prize. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]. Once the event is complete, we will send out a survey about your experience and our next quarterly event, which will be Fun N’ the Sun. We’re shooting to host this event in late July or early August. We are planning to also do an expo this summer where you can come on Discord and chat with our partners about current and upcoming product development!  Have Fun and see you tomorrow!

VirtualUA Important Updates (CCS and SmartCARS!)

Hello VirtualUA Community!

First and foremost I hope that you’re doing well by staying safe and healthy. The purpose of this communication is to provide some updates on VirtualUA along with some information that hopefully you will find helpful.

Logging into CCS (Crew Communications System)

  • CCS is our forum platform where pilots can sign up for events like our upcoming 8th Annual Birthday Bash! You can participate on Forum Discussions, download valuable items like our pilot handbook and ACARS. You can also post screenshots onto CCS. Each month we pick a winner and feature your photo on our website.
  • The easiest way to get to CCS is via
  • If you don’t remember your password you can visit the forgot password link via Enter your email that is associated with your VirtualUA account and follow the instructions in the email and you’re all set!

SmartCARS Release

  • We’re pleased to announce that we have entered our beta testing phase for SmartCARS. Although some server modifications need to be completed before release this gives everyone another platform to use when submitting flight reports.
  • Some known issues we have with SmartCARS are the following…. Unfortunately fixing the following would require a major database change which will break SkyNet. The issues will resolve with our new site.
  1. Unable to retrieve past flight logs
  2. Passenger/Load is not working currently and must be set to 0.  
  • Currently you can bid your flight through SkyNet and then retrieve your bid through SmartCARS. Begin the flight report and then submit the report.
  • Please remember we are still in the early stages for the beta of SmartCARS. We appreciate any feedback you could post on CCS. Please don’t post issues on Discord as we are using CCS for tracking purposes.
  • SmartCARS will be available for download in SkyNet this evening.

Like always thank you so much for being apart of VirtualUA. We continue to strive to be the best organization we can be for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything. We’re always glad to help.