Message from Robby

Hello Community Members,

This is Robby, VirtualUA, Inc. President/Chief Executive Officer, with an update from me. As you noticed, you haven’t heard much from me since the beginning of the spring. Well, I step back to focus on some real-world obligations; now that I can return to the day-to-day operations, you will begin to see some changes soon.

During my absence, I made some career changes and am proud to announce that I’ve returned to Chicago and working back at United Airlines; doesn’t that sounds cool? You made have heard that VirtualUA, Inc. will be traveling to San Diego and representing our incredible community during the 2021 Flight Sim Expo. Your staff team is working to finalize our logistic plan, but we’re super excited to have that in-person connection with our members once again. We will be releasing more information soon to our community. If you have planning to be in San Diego, please stop by and say hello. AND—- VirtualUA will host our 3rd Quater Fireside Chat live from Expo; more on that soon!!

We will soon be recruiting for more staff members in our Hub Operations, Marketing, and Member Relations team; if you have some flexibility and time this upcoming fall and winter months, come and join us! One last thing before I let you go, Technology Operations will be updating our Routes/Schedule for the fall season so that you will see some changes soon.

That’s all from me; I want to express my gratitude to our AVRP members and say hello to our newcomers; I look forward to being more visible on Discord and always reach out to our team if you need us.