REX Weather Force 2020 Review

REX Game Studios released their first new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, called Weather Force. Weather Force is a metar-based dynamic weather engine that extracts metars from NOAA and provides accurate results within 1/8th mile, providing the most realistic weather in the simulator.

When unboxing Weather Force, I expected it to be similar to the setup and layout of products on the Prepar3D platform. Before starting the installation, antivirus software should be off to prevent any false flags. After the installation is complete, give the Weather Force folder exclusions rights with the antivirus software. Once this is complete, you turn on the antivirus software. When opening Weather Force for the first time, fill out the required information to activate the product, which is very straightforward. Weather Force offers Live Weather, Dynamic Changing Weather Scenario (DCWS), and search for weather conditions that you prefer worldwide. The settings section allows users to adjust the weather updates within Microsoft Flight Simulator and the transition rate when it will change the weather. One cool feature is that the user can also create a favorite airport list, which will provide the latest weather conditions to each airport. When setting up for a flight, the user needs to have clear skies selected within Microsoft Flight Simulator. Once the simulator is loaded up and in the aircraft, click weather synthesis. Weather Force will start injecting the current weather at the aircraft’s location. It will take a few seconds to inject it into the simulator, once inject you will notice the difference.

Overall, I am pleased with Weather Force and strongly recommend it for anyone trying to add realism to flight simulation. REX Game Studios is constantly updating Weather Force and adding new features such as historical weather data, presets, and more! Fantastic Job, REX! 

Ryan Weber

Executive Vice President of Experience | Board of Directors 

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