Missed the Fireside Chat?

Hello VirtualUA Community, 

My name is Shelton McCallop; I’m a VirtualUA, Inc. Executive Board member and Co-Founder; I want to thank you for spending some time with us this past Saturday while discussing our 2020 accomplishments, along with a few 2021 highlights from VirtualUA’s 2021 Flight Plan. As you all know, Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacted our lives and played a tremendous role in 2020, which cause some unpleasant experiences.

However, the community continued to support us by participating in many events and kept flying through the chaos. We couldn’t be more proud of each of you for your loyalty to our organization. 

During the fireside chat, Robby Sayles, CEO, mentioned as of November 13, we filed 4,262 Flight Reports and accepted 148 new pilots during 2020. What a great accomplishment! We started 2020 with the separation from AAV Group. Next, we legally became VirtualUA, Inc, dissolving Virtual United Social Club; we also rebranded VirualUA, Inc. Our most significant task was a transition over to ATMOS 1.0, VirtualUA’s NextGen Pilot Operations system. Did you know we introduced a new aircraft program that replaced our legacy Pilot Ranking system? 

Moving on, we also discussed VirtualUA’s Project 21, which is our Code name for the 2021 Roadmap. You can follow the “Flightplan” at 21.virtualua.org. Here’s what we’ll be focusing on :  

VATSIM Training Program

Attending FSExpo 2021 (pending the COVID outcome)

Enhancing ATMOS with some new features and updates

Working on an In-house ACARS

Continuing with our Community Engagement (Quarterly events, Fireside Chats, and Partner Talks on Discord)

Introducing Altitude Virtual Rewards Program (avrp.virtualua.org) Launching in 2021

As you can see, we’ve been busy this year and have a full plate in 2021. We can’t thank our members enough for being a part of VirtualUA, Inc. this past year. Did you know we will be nine years old in 2021, which means we will start our 10th Anniversary preparations? Exciting times are ahead of us, and we hope you will continue to be a part of it.